How I got rid of my sweaty underarms

How I got rid of my sweaty underarms

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This is the story of my insanely sweaty armpits that would embarrass me in public wherever I would go. The armpits normal function is to regulate body temperature but when it happens excessively it becomes an embarrassing situation for a person. The same was the case with me.

My husband and I were very social being invited to many fancy and formal occasions where his friends, co-workers are their wives would be present looking their best. Naturally, I was also supposed to look good and presentable. However, whenever I would wear a nice dress, especially in the summer season I would get massive sweat patches to appear under my arms.

That would usually accompany a surge of stress and anxiety in me causing me to withdraw from talking to someone or coming in the lime light too much. I tried deodorants, powders, body splashes, even tried putting shoulder pads under my under arms but nothing helped. I talked to my sister about this problem and she suggested that I get a Botox treatment to help cure my excessively sweaty glands.

It is a procedure whereby Botox injections are injected into the targeted areas of the underarms using a very fine needle. The Botox injected into the sweat glands paralyzes the nerve’s ability to stimulate sweat. I underwent this experience and it was a quick and painless one as I was under the effect of anesthesia. The results were wonderful, I could go to picnics, garden parties, and running and jogging with my friends without having to worry about my armpits. I felt very relieved, as I did not have to keep an extra shirt with me to change into. I would suggest anybody who has a sweating situation as bad as I used to have, should get Botox injections for sweaty glands. The effects for this last till 6 to 7 months and can be repeated again.

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