Brachioplasty to complement your weight loss efforts

Brachioplasty to complement your weight loss efforts

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In this world of sedentary lifestyle, some people still manage to achieve their desired weight goal with the help of dieting and exercise. Occasionally, these people are left with loose skin under their upper arms. Actually, their skin is unable to shrink proportionately, either due to the lack of elasticity or losing weight too quickly.

Same was the case with Ammara, 27 year old girl. She was very concerned with her weight for the past one year. She calculated her calories carefully, did aerobics regularly, and managed to lose an impressive 20 kg in one year. She was very happy to achieve this impressive target, but she noticed some loose skin under her upper arm. At first, she thought that her skin will adjust with time, but even after six months, she did not notice any improvement. Her wedding was scheduled in three months, and she wanted to get rid of this hanging skin before her big day.

She searched the internet for the solution of her issue and stumbled upon arm liftbrachioplasty procedure. She liked the procedure, but she did not want a scar on her arm – at this age at least. She consulted a plastic surgeon to find a solution. The surgeon examined her arm and confirmed that the arm lift procedure is the best possible solution for her sagging skin. The doctor told her that she had minimum sagging due to the elasticity of the skin and a good exercise schedule. He told her that her sagging skin can be corrected with the help of a mini arm lift. Mini arm lift or brachioplasty does not leave a long scar. It only leaves a little scar in the armpit, which is barely visible.

Ammara was very happy with this new information. Her surgeon explained the results and the scar with the help of pictures of his past patients. Ammara scheduled another appointment for the surgery. Now, when she is one month post-op, she is very happy with the results of her surgery, busy with the preparations of her wedding without a worry about her arm.

Many men and women with extreme sagging of upper arm skin report that the surgery is worth it despite the scar, and they are very satisfied with the new shape of their upper arms. If you are facing the same issue, consult a qualified plastic surgeon to have your personalized assessment.

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