Botox Treatment cost in Dubai

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Botox is one of the most demanded cosmetic surgery procedures among men and women. People like it because it helps them effectively take a few years off their faces and that too in less than 10 minutes. Doctors are usually neutral about the medical procedures they perform, but Botox treatment is the one in kind procedure that the doctors also love to perform, reason being that it is easy to perform and does not take their much time.

That said, let’s have a look at what exactly is Botox. Botox or botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat a number of neurological disorders, including excessive sweating, overactive bladder, cervical dystonia, chronic migraines, strabismus and blepharospasm. However, it is known more for its cosmetic applications. In aesthetic medicine, it is primarily used to reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles that gradually appear on face due to frequent use of facial muscles. However, doctors also use it to plump up sagging cheeks, fix drooping eyelids and redefine the shape of lips.

Whether you want to get the injection for a cosmetic condition or a non-cosmetic health problem, Botox treatment cost is a key factor in the decision to actually go for it. No doubt it is an expensive procedure, but fortunately Botox treatment cost in Dubai is quite reasonable as compared to having the procedure done in some developed country in West. Estimates show that getting Botox injection in Dubai for similar cosmetic and non-cosmetic conditions costs 2 to 3 times less than developed countries.

Cost of Botox treatment depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Doctor’s fee
  • Cost of operation theatre or surgical facility
  • Anesthesia charges, and
  • Medication cost

Most doctors charge consultation fee initially but waive it off if the patient decides to go ahead with the procedure and charge otherwise. So do not forget to check with your Botox provider whether he or she will separately charge consultation fee or not. It is pertinent to mention here that even within Dubai, Botox treatment cost varies significantly from one provider to another, depending on the location of the clinic, expertise of the person performing the procedure and profit margin of the provider. Reputation of clinic and surgeon also play a key role in determining the treatment cost. A highly skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon with a very good reputation will obviously charge you more as compared to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who has just started practice or a nurse practitioner.

If you want to get eliminate unsightly facial wrinkles and restore your youthful appearance, or get rid of excessive armpit sweating through Botox shots, Dubai is an ideal place to have the procedure. There are a number of cosmetic surgery clinics in the city offering Botox injections to enhance your cosmetic appearance or treat health conditions, and Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is also one of them. Visit the official page of clinic today, fill the free online consultation form and let the highly qualified surgeons guide you.

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