When British ruler agreed to partition British India into two self-governing states as Pakistan and India, at that time only four newspapers were existed in that area which is now called Pakistan Times, Zamindar, Nawa- i-waqt, Civil and Military Gazette, all were located in Lahore. Many Muslim newspapers were also moved to Pakistan including Dawn which began publishing as a daily in Karachi in 1947, other publications included the Morning News and other language dailies Jang and Anjum. Print Media played an important role in national struggle for the separate homeland specially Dawn, Nawa-i- waqt, Morning news played a notable role in the Pakistan Movement.

What is Print Media

It is the mean of mass communication associated with printing and publishing news such as newspapers and magazines, other types of print media include books, pamphlets and leaflets etc.

Newspapers are the main source of information, entertainment, education, opinion building, and advertising. Content of the newspaper is political events, business, crime, culture, sports and opinions it would be editorials, columns or political cartoons. Different kinds of newspapers that are published include; International newspaper, weekly newspaper, Sunday newspaper, National newspaper and local newspaper, every newspaper include some specific features that are; weather forecast, editorial opinion, food column, humor section, critical reviews on a movie, play, restaurants etc. Advice column, sports section, comic strips and entertainment like horoscope and crosswords.

Magazines are another print medium of mass communication, performs the same function as newspaper does, different types of magazines are; business magazines, health magazines, fitness magazines, music magazines, inspirational magazines, pulp magazines, computer magazines etc.

Media is playing its role in the society; electronic media along with print media fulfilling their duties by keeping people aware of latest news nationally and internationally, at the time of independence Muslim press played a powerful and crucially important role in the togetherness of the Muslims of Indo-Pak who were ready to sacrifice everything for a separate homeland. Now in Pakistan news technologies has transformed the meaning of life, everything is available on internet and everybody can access anything on the internet, in old times people buy newspapers to read what is happening around the world now it become cheap and boring because of new technologies and now they like e papers that are more colorful, attractive, full of pictures and prefer to read newspaper digitally while doing their work.

Major groups of print media that are operating in Pakistan are; Dawn Group, Jang Group, Nawa-i-Waqt Group of Publications, Express News Group, Daily Times Group, with the advancement in technologies all these newspapers are available online in both Urdu and English but Urdu newspaper has broader reach than English newspaper and everyone who is interested in news can get all the information on all topics in a very short time, For more on Urdu Newspaper, checkout urduvoz.com

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