Ramadan is about to end, which means Eid is just around the corner. Muslims around the world have been fasting and praying in this Holy Month to reap benefits and record good deeds.

As Allah Says in the Holy Quran:

“Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness” (Q 2:183)

This clearly shows the importance of Ramadan. The importance of the last days of Ramadan has been stressed on many occasions, giving them greater value in terms sacredness.  It is also the time where people get out of their homes to buy essentials to celebrate on the joyous occasion of Eid.

Muslims pay visit to their relatives throughout the three days of Eid and exchange present and gifts, sometimes in the form of the traditional Eidi. Looking ahead towards a bright future, Muslims rejuvenate as new beings.

The tradition of Eidi holds great value. It is usually offered in the form of money, but it is also offered in the form of sweets, cakes, bakery items and mithai. This is why during the Eid season bakeries and halwais increase production and keep prices high to earn greater profits.

Nowadays, the 1 Kg Sweetsor Chocolate Cake has become a popular sweet gift item for many households. Seeing this demand in cakes, bakeries have increased their production of such items. Sometimes, they even price it a higher rate because they know such items get sold anyway.

However, due to fast pace of life that has become part of our busy lives, most of never get the time to buy gifts for our loved ones. Busy schedules and changing priorities has endangered us to losing our great values. We must always cherish our loved ones and show appreciation and love by taking advantage of such events to show our love.

Seeing this need to revitalize and help people this Eid, Cheezmall.com another emerging online shopping website in Pakistan has become the pioneer in ensuring the delivery of presents, gifts and Eidi tradition. Cheezmall has brought fresh sweets and mithai, cakes and chocolates along with customized Eid greeting packages.

Since they have a huge traffic in Karachi, a market that is always busy and a crowd that appreciates gifts and loves to go out, Cheezmall decided to bring ease to their lives by bringing delivery for such gifts.

Moreover, Cheezmall brings the “Free EID Gift”, which is a customized Coffee Mug with Eid Theme, that will be delivered for Free.

If this Eid you are busy, or unable to send your love or it has become difficult to meet someone; you can send your love through sweets and gifts. Cheezmall will deliver it for you. You can now make the best of your situation since Cheezmall ensure the delivery of Fresh products only.


  1. Delivery would be made in Karachi only.
  2. Pre-Booking has been started and would last till 5th of July.
  3. Payment would be in advance either through Debit, Credit cards or Jazz Cash Retailers.
  4. Delivery would be on EID first and Second Day only as per Customer’s Convenience and Requirement.
  5. Free Mug would be delivered along with each purchase regardless of any minimum purchase for first 200 orders only.
  6. Not Only this, customers can also avail Rs. 3,000 EIDI as shopping voucher at Cheezmall.com

Details of the products for EID Greeting can be seen by Clicking Here.

July 2, 2016
eidi offer

Cheezmall is here to Sweeten Up your Eid with CheezGifts

Ramadan is about to end, which means Eid is just around the corner. Muslims around the world have been fasting and praying in this Holy Month […]