Amir ‘King’ Khan and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez will face off this Saturday night in Las Vegas, a bout that is being tipped as the most anticipated fight of the year and an age old classic matchup of speed versus power will be on display.

There’s so much to look forward to in this fight, a knockout, or an upset unlike any other. Amir Khan has made a bold move by jumping two weight divisions to challenge Canelo but most of the boxing world believes that it will prove too big a jump to make and eventually Canelo’s power packed punch will floor Amir Khan on the canvas.

Let’s try and analyse both boxers’ chances:

Why Canelo will win?

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez may look Irish because of his ginger hair and freckled skin- hence the nick ‘Canelo’ which means Cinnamon in Spanish, but he’s an out and out Mexican powerhouse puncher. He is bigger, stronger and more experienced than Khan.

His strong chin provides the ultimate armour for his defence and any sweet chin music will hardly trouble him in the ring. All Canelo needs to do is to get Khan on the ropes and land those big punches and a knockout could just be around the corner.

One thing that Canelo needs to avoid is to remain stationary while throwing those big punches as it can leave him susceptible to Khans quick hands on the counter. Mayweather took huge advantage of this one thing and won against Canelo with a unanimous decision.

Beating Khan will register Canelo as the biggest boxing powerhouse in the post-Mayweather Era of boxing. It could even land him a rematch with Mayweather if he finally decides to make a comeback out of retirement.

Why Khan will win?

Khan’s biggest weapon against Canelo will be his speed. Big boxers like Canelo tend to struggle against speed but can Khan maintain his speed after adding almost 10 pounds to his weight? This is a question that will eventually decide the fate of this fight. Khan will also need to dance around the ring and stay out of Canelo’s range, try and land a few counter combinations and look for a decision instead of a knockout.

What could prove to be absolute curtains for Khan is to lose focus for even a second and stand still temporarily, he doesn’t possess a strong chin and a trademark Canelo punch could send him back to Bolton in no time. He has been knocked out in the past and Canelo will be looking to add another defeat by KO to his tally.

Canelo has a rematch clause in the contract, so for Khan to get past Canelo is a huge ask. But if he does, then the possibilities are endless. Similarly, for Canelo the stakes are pretty high and getting such fights in the bag is necessary for him to get his name in the echelons of boxing greats. Whatever happens on Saturday night, one thing is for sure all boxing fans are in for a night full of fireworks.

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May 6, 2016

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Amir ‘King’ Khan and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez will face off this Saturday night in Las Vegas, a bout that is being tipped as the most anticipated […]