Anybody who uses a pair of gloves has an idea that these boxing gloves have high risk of catching infection due to dirt and infestation with germs and bacteria. Boxers having personal gloves or using the gym gloves, both complain of smell despite minimal usage. There are simple and easy ways for keeping boxing gloves clean. By following these guidelines, you can protect your boxing equipment and keep your MMA gloves smelling fresh with minimum effort.


You can apply the following handy techniques for eliminating bad odor:

Wear hand wraps:

It is important to wear hand wraps to lessen the amount of moisture inside the boxing glove that causes it to become a germ heaven. When you cut the amount of moisture inside the sparring glove it emits lesser odor and prevents bacteria growth.

Following is the list of wraps available in the market:

  • Cotton wrap.
  • Gel wrap.
  • Competition wrap.

Keep gloves in open air after workout:

If you keep your training gloves inside your gym bag they won’t dry out. The result would be damp and smelly gloves. Therefore, it is important to keep your gloves in open air overnight to let them dry and breath. You can use a blow dryer to quickly dry your gloves.

Freeze your gloves

You can freeze your gloves in order to kill bacteria. It sounds odd but it’s a fact. Take a plastic bag and wrap your gloves inside. It will keep moisture and frost away and prevent it from penetrating inside the gloves. The texture and firmness of the gloves will remain intact. Freeze for 24 to 48 hours,

Stuffing your gloves

Majority of fighters like to stuff various objects inside gloves in order to eliminate germs. Glove dogs are specifically designed for killing bacteria and keep your gloves clean. These are made of cotton bags that have cedar chips for absorbing moisture. You can use this trick for removing bad odor and to add fresh scent.

Spray cleaning

Antibacterial Sprays can help clean your training gloves and help prevent dirt. By applying these sprays after work out, a lot of germ build up can be prevented.

Use dryer sheets

Place dryer sheet in your sparring gloves when you don’t use these. This would help eliminate moisture that causes bad odor.

Soak in saltwater

Saltwater is a great tool for eliminating bacteria. You can soak your sparring gloves in saltwater overnight to disinfect and prevent accumulation of germs as well as bacteria. This method is very effective but fighters should be cautious as certain gloves can be damaged if soaked. Make sure that you do appropriate research before trying out this method.

By trying these steps, the bad odor will reduced to a great extent. A fighter can also get great benefits like increasing the life span and making them look significantly better by following these simple guidelines. These maintenance and cleaning tips can also add to the longevity of boxing equipment.

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