Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss

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When you think about hair loss, it is a problem that generally considered being associated with men. However, female hair loss is also quite common though the pattern and causes of loss can be different. There are many causes of hair loss in women but the most common type of loss is known as androgenetic alopecia or female pattern baldness. It takes place when hair thinning occurs on the sides and top of the forehead. It is known to affect one third of women who are at risk. Discussed below are some of the reasons and remedies to cure hair loss on women.

For most women, it occurs after menopause but sometimes it can be experienced as early as during the puberty period. 

In many cases, female hair loss can be genetic and can come from both sides of the parent’s gene pool. However, it may sometimes not affect you even if it runs in family.

There can be a situation when you undergo a major operation. In such a situation, you may lose lots of hair. It is actually caused by stress from the illness. 

Sometimes hair loss in women is caused by hormonal imbalances caused by the thyroid being underactive or overactive. This kind of hair loss is stopped by having treatment for thyroid complications. 

Hormonal imbalance also occurs in women when the estrogen hormone goes out of balance. However, when the balance is corrected the female hair loss stops.

Anagen effluvium is another type of hair loss which occurs if you undergo medications like chemotherapy as a cancer patient. The treatment affects the normal hair growth by poisoning the hair follicle. 

Besides, Telogen effluvium is another one which occurs when a large percentage of hair follicles undergo the resting stage. Some other causes of hair loss include anemia, mental illness, birth control pills, weight fluctuations, and excess amounts of vitamin A.

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