Nail & Foot Care

Nail & Foot Care

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Your feet are two of the most neglected and perhaps most used parts of your body, which you use while walking and running throughout the day. Having said so, you should ensure proper nail & foot care because that gives an impression of your sophistication. You can take good care of your feet through pedicure as it can prevent you from getting foot conditions such as Athlete’s foot or other fungal infections. No matter whether it is hot or cold, it is always important to keep your feet and toenails in tip-top condition. Given below are some points why you may need it:

  • During summer, your feet are constantly exposed due to footwear like sandals and slippers, so it is important that you keep them looking fabulous and presentable.
  • Proper nail & foot care is also important during the winter months when your feet are covered up in socks and boots. You should expose them to fresh air whenever it is possible.
  • Washing your feet daily also keeps dirt and dust away particularly if you feet are exposed. Before going to bed you must wash your feet with good quality soap with special attention to toe nails.
  • Regular pedicures like after every two weeks really make a difference in keeping your feet soft and free from dry and rough skin, and your toenails clean and neat.
  • Another useful tip for proper nail & foot care involves application of cuticle oil to soften and moisturize the hardened edges.
  • Push the cuticles back using orangewood stick to form a smooth, open area for nail polish but ensure that you do not push too hard, thus exposing your feet to possible fungal infection.
  • Put lotion or foot cream regularly for soft, moisturized feet. Simply rub on some lotion or petroleum jelly before bed, and slip on some socks as it will keep your feet very soft with no dryness.

If you think that proper nail & foot care is not your cup of tea then you must try to visit a top quality spa or beauty salon for this purpose. The Islamabad Med Spa is one such place that you can find in the capital city. It is located on Bhittai Road in the famous F-7 sector which is commonly recognized as Jinnah Super Market.

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