5 Biggest Hair Trends for 2020

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Each year comes with its own hair trends. In 2019, we witnessed many celebrities rocking a variety of super-long extensions, chin-length bobs, and candy-colored tones. Many people embraced their own personal hair style, so diversity was definitely key.

That being said, let’s take a look at what experts predict to be the biggest hair trends of 2020:

Natural Texture

2020 will be all about embracing your natural locks! Whether you have natural curls, beachy waves, or straight strands, everything will be in style. This is a huge change from previous years where heavy hair-processing and styling techniques were in. This year, effortless and natural looks will prevail.

Healthy Hair

The years of heat-styling and chemical processing are over! In 2020, we will witness an emphasis on hair health. This means putting away our curling wands extra-strong hair sprays in favor of pampering our strands with gentle styling and nourishing oil treatments. Healthy hair is beautiful hair, after all!

Bangs are Back

This year, 70sā€™ bangs are back in a big way! While celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and Dakota Johnson are notorious for their bangs, many others will hop on to this trend in 2020. In particular, curtain bangs and textured bangs will be in high-fashion, rather than their traditional straight-cut, sleek counterparts.

Warm Colors

In terms of hair colors, warm tones will be all the rage in 2020. Soft honey blondes, warm caramel brown, and even spicy mahogany shades will be popular. This will be a change from the silvery and platinum looks that were trending in 2019.

Asymmetrical Cuts

In 2020, asymmetrical haircuts will continue to reign! From lobs to pixie cuts, shorter-at-the-back and longer-in-the-front styles will be very in style. There are many ways to rock this look, for example a sharp asymmetrical cut, or a more subtle layered style.

Clearly, 2020 will be a diverse year for hair trends. Feel free to experiment and mix-and-match with these varying high-fashion hairstyles!

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