With the induction of new installment of Battlefield, hype gone wild among viewers and gamers. This time world has gone back to World War 1 period where old weaponry system was used in biggest battles of all time. We have collected and organized a weaponry list which had been used in WW1 and also seen in Battlefield 1 trailer, suggesting they will be used in upcoming Dice Game.


Trench Mace – Melee

Is the first and most brutal melee seen in battlefield 1 trailer so far. A man was seen brutally killing his enemy with Trench Mace Featuring long nails on it. An effective killing weapon against opponent in deadly close combat.


Trench shovels – Melee

In World War 1, spades were used for digging, however, later on it transformed into auxiliary weapon due to its compact design easy to bash and kill someone. In Battlefield 1 trench Shovels are used as weapon for melee attack.


German Cavalry Sword – Melee

While Battlefield is demonstrating WW1 scenario, Dice has introduced cavalry swords which will used in close combat while riding a horse,. Although horses are no comparison with heavy tanks and machinery but it has its own fun.


Bayonets – Melee

a sword-like stabbing blade which was used in hand to hand fighting. Additionally, it was fixed with rifles to make dual use. In intense close battles. Battlefield 1 will be featuring Bayonets for dual combats.


Mauser C96 – Pistol

A German legendary Maucer C96 boxed shape with an impressive fire rate of 10 bullets per magazine with additional bullets seemingly it better and more advantageous compare to English Webley Revolver. The Pistol was nick-named as “Broomhandle” featuring a top loading stripper clip design. The pistol was seen in BF1 trailer.


Colt M1911 – Pistol

Iconic Weapon loaded with 7 round magazine, act as a sidearm, a reliable and recognize shooting pistol more likely to be its role in Battlefield 1.


Winchester 1871 Shotgun

A shotgun that can create a devastating impact on average range enemy position. We have this model could be a standard shotgun featuring a standard pump action with 5 round ballistics fire power. The glimpse of this model was in trailer just when soldier falls.


Enfield Rifle

Was seen in this trailer as a British men preparing to defend the trench scene. While a soldier has Rifle accompanied with bayonet for closer combat. A bold Action Rifle used in WW1 and WW2.


Gewerh 98 – Rifle

An advance bolt action rifle with mounted scope demonstrating some new customization system, or there is another possibility that it could be a standard load out in weaponry system. Primarily a German service Rifle utilized in both world wars. It leads to include in battlefield 1


Mauser 1918 Gewelr – Rifle

1918 Gewelr is a massive rifle,  appeared in tank scene in battlefield 1 trailer. A long barrel Rifle used by German army against tanks and other armory vehicles. In addition, it was the first and only weapon made as anti-tank rifle for combat.


M18 – Submachine Gun

A standard SMG packed with 32 round drum magazine, capable of using a lighter box magazine could be the standard SMG for British against German Empire. M18 was the first proper Submachine Gun used in WW.



Nothing can clean the trench as good as this terrifying flamethrower. The man-portable flamethrower seen in the picture above is most likely a Flamethrower M.16. Used in the famous battle of Verdun, at the time it was the first flamethrower ever to be used in combat.


We will regularly update the list upon receiving new weaponry list. Stay with us for further Updates



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