Champion is a word we are accustomed to hearing in our daily lives, and it is also one of the words that we have ultimately taken for granted. What that statement means is that we have never really tried to interpret what the word ‘Champion’ actually means, what we have done, I made a contextual assumption that champion is just a grandiose term that we use for a winner. That is not the case.


A winner is someone who has dominated the playing field and left behind all others. A winner has accomplished and achieved whatever he was competing for, he was victorious, and hence he is a winner. Now a champion is much more than someone who just won an accolade or was the best at a certain something.

The true essence of a champion lays in the drive, the motivation, the determination, the blood and the sweat, the sleepless nights, the falls, the heartbreak and the persistence. A true champion is he who stands firm in the face of adversity, willing to give it his all to conquer it. It is not only the one who conquers it in the first try, but the one that stands up when defeated and strives to conquer it till his last breath, that is the true definition of a champion.

Since we have now established what or who a champion is, we shall narrow it down to the characteristics that a champion possesses.

·        Strives for Excellence

The major factor that defines a champion is his mindset to strive for excellence. A champion is a person that does not settle to remain average; they strive to realize their true potential and to discover what they are good after. After realizing their passion, everything else becomes obsolete and the only thing that runs in their mind is achieving their goal. Mediocrity is not a word that is present in the vocabulary of champions, and hence they are always pushing themselves to the limit, to define new ones.

·        Talks Soft, Play Big

For a true champion, his actions speak louder than words. Champion are not people that say they will do things, they show you by doing them. That is the approach of pragmatism that they adopt, by implementing what they say instantaneously, leaving no room for ordinary procrastination.

·        Enjoy the Path More than the Victory

Champions are those that take pleasure in the journey rather than the destination. The hard work, dedication, sweat and tears are what are more precious to them. The victory or success is just considered a byproduct as the aim was always to prove to themselves, rather than anyone else, that they could achieve it.

·        Hates to Lose, but is Not Afraid

Nobody likes to lose, but most people fear losing, and that is the difference between a champion and an average man. A champion may be displeased by his loss, but that does not make him fear the competition. They give it their all and if it is not their day, they live to fight another day. They do not let the fear of striking out stop them from playing the game.

·        Learns From Loss

Losing is a part of the game, and everyone is aware of that. What really matters is what you make of that loss. The loss either breaks you and you give up or you learn from that loss and make it into a weapon, and this ability to utilize a loss is what separates a champion from the rest of the herd.

·        Do Not Place Worth on a Scoreboard

A champion is not made on paper; a champion is made at heart. It does not matter whether he wins or loses, rises or falls, the champion always gives it his all, and a piece of paper does not define the will, the dedication and the defiance that is embedded in his heart. A winner changes if one wins or loses, but a champion remains regardless of the result.

To testify and become a champion, one must remain motivated through a strict regimen of training, and so it usually helps to avail the assistance of a certified personal training coach.

February 17, 2017
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