Looking to gather information? First thing came to your mind is google. Why Google? Because it is a vault of searching and no other platform would provides you such extensive searching result than Google. With extensive searching potential, there are many other features which Google has worked for you. For enhancement, company made many advance apps in which some are built into browser while others need to own it. Though every app have its own unique feature.

We have built a 10-App list which will amazed you. Get on with it.



An incredible google app, build to translate text in about 30 languages. Very useful while you’re traveling outstations especially in different regions. How is it work? Just point the Camera towards desire text you want to translate and google app will do the rest.



This App is built by google, which organizes and combine major email like Yahoo, Hotmail/outlook and Gmail inboxes at one place. It will simplify all your business as well as personal needs. You need to select an option of “Gamilify your inbox” to perform the operation. Before that you need to have enable “Gmailify” feature.



It’s a search engine that results in exploring scholarly literature that includes citations from books, patents and journals on search.



A bright yet intelligent app that let you make a “to-do-list” for upcoming events. It is sort of notes yet different from mobile built-in Notes in the terms it is more vibrant and colorful which makes it special for other notes. Different color can be used for allowing categories of subjects.



We have heard of watch alarm, mobile alarm, but what is google alarm. It different yet effective app which act as a alarm. You can set any duration on timer App, it will start ticking, when time reached, it be generate a loud alarm for your attention.



Yet we have a font app to change  google text styling.  With Google Fonts you can change font style to any format. There is an option of direct copy and paste as well as ’embed the text in your desired font’.



This app keeps you updated with the latest research, ongoing consumer trends and the newest insights in marketing. Journalists working on business beat and marketing head must use this app regularly.



This app allows you to explore the world through photos taken by Internet users at different places across the globe.



This is the most inclusive app widely used for searching images on the web. Not all Google users know that the app can search ‘by image as well as by ‘text written’ in the search tab. You have to upload the image from your computer to view the details. The results may include similar images, different resolutions of the image, pages containing the image and more.

drimta build google


This app allows you to ‘learn and fun’ by playing with virtual Legos; this is equally fun for adults as well.


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Looking to gather information? First thing came to your mind is google. Why Google? Because it is a vault of searching and no other platform would […]
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