Health is considerably the most precious and valued thing in your life. You are more active when you maintain proper health, there are situations, when you feel less active, which directly effect your office routine.  To maintain and improve your health you must need to know few precautions and those really have potential impact on your life.


Balance Diet

A human needs a proper and balance diet in order to maintain good health. It’s quite certain, that when you do overeating during the day, it will definitely cause you several problems. Some of the food ingredients are very prevalent for human body, try to eat food containing Protein, Carbohydrates, vitamins and iron. Besides I can pin point the specifics, like Meat, Vegetables, and Fruits are those have featuring protein, Carbohydrates vitamins and iron.


Drinking Water

The only thing that keeps you alive is Water, but one should know quantity of water a body need in a day or in 24 hours. When you work more, you drain out a lot of water which may cause disorders and other malfunctions. Besides exercises and diets you definitely need to account in some favorable amount of water in a day, it is approximately 1 gallon of water is advised by doctors.



Sometimes a human brain comes in stress, the work load in office with additional responsibilities at home collapse you brain. So how can you relieve your brain from those stress conditions? Well, what I figure out is if you go out into natural places also called Precious places, you will feel much better, your brain will definitely regain the potential, you will feel freshness. Just don’t abandoned all other stuff like being social, meet your friends and take ride, do refreshments and some also suggests cinema tour. Weekends are the best days to enjoy your life.


Sports Participation

Taking part in sports, dedicate some part of your life in sport on daily or weekly basis will refresh your body and make you stronger. Participating in sports is sometimes referred to as a one-side-story to success. Both indoor and outdoor games are necessary for your body. In door games which includes video games, chess, snooker may increase your thinking power, means more mental strength. While outdoors will depends on nature of game, like cricket and football are two major games which make you stronger and improve your body’s stamina.


Proper sleeping

Some people work all day, and then spend some portion of night for additional office work. But if we improvised all above suggestion and ignore this step, then it’s an obvious that you might not improve your health in-fact later on you will feel more stress, laziness and disorders. To avoid them and to make health better, you need to make sleep, at least 8 hours, so you will start your day with fresh mind, more ideas will generate and ultimately your brain will stretch 100% to work.  


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Health is considerably the most precious and valued thing in your life. You are more active when you maintain proper health, there are situations, when you feel […]
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