You’ll hear a lot of debate going on between gym folk about weight lifting gloves – are they good for you? Do they help with posture and technique?

The answer is…., well it’s a yes and no answer. Weight lifting gloves definitely have their pros and cons.

Here we will discuss what you ought to look for when you’re getting those gloves, because one thing is for sure, while the gloves prevent callous from forming they also help with grip, but by ruining your natural grip – and that is the bitter truth. What that also means is that if your natural grip isn’t great then your lifting technique is probably incorrect TOO. So what you do is something a little different, forget about normal lifting gloves; what you should be looking for are weight lifting gloves with great wrist support.

Check this list of do’s when buying your next pair:

  • First of all – hand size: get it right.
  • You probably want a half-finger cut design to allow your hand to breathe while inside the glove
  • The glove itself ought to be made from durable but breathable fabric
  • If the fabric is not elasticated then purchase something with flexible panels between the fingers to allow moisture to escape. The flexible panels also hug the hand and conform to intricate movements, keeping your hand compressed and comfy
  • The inner fabric ought to be padded on the inside ever so slightly for that little bit of affordable comfort during those painful lifts

The most important part – the wrist strap

Wrist positioning is probably the most important aspect of lifting – bad posture results in injury and minimizes gain per lift. Basically what we’re saying is: 2 reps with bad posture would probably amount to 1 rep when properly lifted with the right kind of technique. When you purchase weight lifting gloves with wrist-support you’re not only keeping your hands safe from callous, loose grip, sweat and bacteria, you’re also giving one of the weakest and most important links of your body ample support, or a boost if you will. Supported wrists will:

  • Fix your lifting technique
  • Maximize each rep for better gains
  • Keep your wrist from injuring
  • Aligns the arm in proper form
  • Helps you develop a habit for keeping your wrists straight

So the next time you go out gym shopping – make sure you get something the enhances your experience and adds to it because getting the wrong supports are only a recipe that spell I.N.J.U.R.Y. – and you don’t want that.

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August 18, 2016
weight lifting gloves

Weight Lifting Gloves With Wrist Support

You’ll hear a lot of debate going on between gym folk about weight lifting gloves – are they good for you? Do they help with posture […]