Picking the right pair of gloves is the major concern for all boxing enthusiast, male and female boxers combined. If there is any problem in the glove, it will directly affect the performance of the athlete. So you have to be very careful before buying, make sure what you need, why you need it, and how much budget you have allocated for the boxing equipment. Among all other factors, safety should be your prime concern. Make sure the gloves protect you and your opponent from serious injuries.

While choosing the best boxing gloves for females, use following guideline:

Fighting or training:

Gloves for fighting and training are different, when you are in the fight you are supposed to hit hard and hurt your opponent. For this reason lighter gloves usually (8oz to 10oz) with lesser padding are used. It also effect the punching speed of a fighter. While in training you don’t want to unnecessarily get hurt or your training partner for that reason, so in that situation best glove to use are heavier gloves with excessive padding. These gloves are 16oz and above. This weight is common among both male and female boxers.

Size and weight:

Size and weight is often mixed up by people, believing it’s the same thing. So when you are searching for a pair of mitts, consider weight and size carefully. A heavier gloves has much more padding and is ideal for sparring. On the other hand lighter gloves have much less padding, and they are used during competitions. Because of light weight the boxer can throw punches at much faster pace. Size of the gloves depends on the size of your hand and fist. Common way to find the correct glove size is to wear hand wrap and then wear a glove. The glove that snugly fits on your hand without being too tight will represent your actual size and you should buy that without any hesitation.

Lace ups or Velcro straps:

In terms of performance it doesn’t make much of a difference whether you use gloves that are laced up or use Velcro straps. However, laced up gloves are much harder to wear and takes longer to put on. Also it is next to impossible to wear boxing gloves with laces, unless you are going for a fight it is advised not to use them. On the other hand Velcro straps are handy to put on and take off. The quality of Velcro straps has also improved over the years these days they can last for years without any wear n tear.

Leather or vinyl:

Price is the major factor when it comes to picking a leather or vinyl boxing gloves. As leather is much more expensive material than vinyl, therefore their price is much higher. So if you can afford to buy them I would recommend getting gloves made from genuine cowhide leather. They are not only more durable but they are also more comfortable than synthetic gloves. Although, in recent times it has been observed that even the synthetic material gloves have improved considerably and they can last much longer than the previous ones.

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