More than a week ago, EA has revealed its Opening Trailer based on Battlefield 1, a trailer which did vouch for true realistic gaming effect in the history of World war games featuring predestined World War 1 spectrum. People expecting some response from viewers which gradually started in the shape of like and dislikes with induction on YouTube, people has leaning towards World war 1 and liking meter ticking up with high frequency. Although we already did have the rivalry Infinity ward’s Call of duty infinite warfare in parallel. But parachutes are continuously landing on DICE production. Enthusiast forget call of duty advancement and rolling with World War 1 Trailer


Now at the time of publishing, Battlefield 1 has passed a whopping 1,300,000 likes from May 6. In addition, it received just over 23,000 which spotting it falling behind you tube’s most liked music video “Beyoncé’s drunk in love”. Current status establishing a strong positive linked between Game and its users especially for fanboys.


On the other end of space, the script is absolutely contrasting. An evolutionary name in Gaming History Call of duty with latest installment Infinite Warfare break major records in gaining maximum hate, it ragged and crossed 1,700,000 dislikes, while likes are only crossed 300,000 yet. A completely contradicting story. Reflecting end user’s hate towards most repetitive gameplays. With those million dislikes Trailer slotted fifth as most disliked Trailer in the history of YouTube.

Why Call of duty Infinite Warfare so much disliked?

Firstly, call of duty was war trench game by origin, later on in 2007 evolutionary Call of duty 4 had surprised the whole world. However they gradually turned down into advance battles which pertaining weapons and mechanism beyond realism. A Ground breaking advancement in gaming industry doesn’t really suit the best especially games like call of duty which featuring battlefields and close combats. Their new installments are pretty much repetitive and turning towards fantasy world, scoping more of a future fantasy which infinity ward admit in an interview. Hence with the induction of WW1 Trailer people now has begun refusing the space call of duty.

Battlefield 1 will releases in October 21, 2016 for Xbox, PS4 and PC while call of duty infinite warfare will set to launched on November 4th of this year for all three platforms.


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