Two competitive trends Google and Apple have never been settled in each other when it talks about alliances. On part of apple we have immense android tech which has springe the world’s interest. While google, on the other hand, Peaking through software support mounting every new devices. Producing some fierce optimized results, that devices are now depending on google.

However, Apple never wants Google to take credits, instead they remove all integration of google from IPhone. Which definitely effect usage as well.  This rage aside, Google finally done an ingenious tech development by introducing a keyboard codename “GBoard” which help iPhone users to speed up activities without breaking up flow. It seems quite an effective app tool, that Apple itself surprised and have no response right now. Apple would most likely accept Google’s influence except if Apple itself replicate a powerful tool which can replace Google’s new app. Apple and Iphone 6s are  Google’s Ultimate target for which he striving for.

GBoard itself seems a boring  app from looks, it featured contents in a way seems smart move though. A normal keyboard form, residing a ‘G’ logo representing Google’s smart search that never happened before.


GBoard Working and Features

Here we will take an example of WhatsApp. You need to tell prices of a smartphone to your friend. But you don’t know, and you will only collect information through browsing which means you will first leave WhatsApp and then browse for it. That’s where GBoard its role. With Gboard you don’t need to leave the group and search. Just stay on WhatsApp and open installed Gboard, tap G logo and type desire words as you do on google chrome. And there you have obtain the desire information you needed. Copy and send it to your friend. Isn’t it Smart? YES it definitely strike hard for Apple.

URL Search more feasible

The Web search results can be particularly useful if you’re trying to send a link to someone. Just tap on an individual result, and it will paste its URL into your text bar.

So GBoard is optimized search app which let you search any link any information without WhatsApp, Facebook or YouTube app.

Aims Behind “GBoard” induction

By bringing the search directly to a keyboard, Google is also trying to fight back against all the apps, which are out of its all-seeing search crawlers. Because the keyboard is going to be used with all the apps, it allows Google to sneak into the space where it is not permitted and probably collect the data that it so requires for not only improving user experience but also to keep its dominance in the search and advertising intact.

it seems that with the Gboard, Google is bringing the Trojan Horse inside the iPhone castle and Apple probably can’t do anything about it.


May 19, 2016

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Two competitive trends Google and Apple have never been settled in each other when it talks about alliances. On part of apple we have immense android tech […]
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