The Year of 2016 will brings upon tremendous amount of advancement in technologies especially in apps. Software Company like Facebook kept on updating their newer features on how users will interact with each other. It’s a matter of time; we will experience completely new ways for interaction.

However, all these changes from Facebook desktop to Apps lead by most advancement year, 2015. Yes, it’s all started from a year back, when Facebook launched its new feature of messenger, with installment upgrades led to a comfort ways using Facebook. If we look back, Facebook Messenger seemed a best way for quick conversations and online interactions. The Team being working on it, have quite a fantastic year of developments.

In 2015, They did improved a lot of new features, which said to be “significantly” enabled communication level of users all over the world. Messenger over the year improved in several areas like faster maneuvering, users having video live conversation, much more customized incorporating unique color schemes. On the Other hand, Team intends to facilitate Business users by enabling Business features in messenger. They made business transaction possible through its messenger, enabling multiple contacts updated with your locations, using Google Map.

Well, What Latest development on Messenger worth interacting is now with Facebook Messenger, you can share photos, business cards, videos with a flip of phones. On the Top of it, you never require account on Facebook so make call and send text message to friend, just open and use. For you Ease we Extracted Phone Numbers restrictions from messenger app. No contact number is required to share anything. Messenger with latest update let you chat and share personals without concerning their phone numbers. This is how Facebook welcoming their users, revealing may extra features which are surprising for them. Facebook is all about experience now.

Being socially interact is the pleasure and highly adorable way of communication. They call it, we’re all social beings. A dedicated design tool will enable you to join groups make your favorite contact list in a single group; it works as Start a Conversation in one platform where all are engaged. That’s where Facebook shines. Whether you’ve parents online or office colleagues, now with updated messenger user can demonstrate a dedicated group network to personalize their conversation at will.

The more the Innovation, higher product worth will be. Facebook Team is actually working on various AI; their top priority at the moment is Digital Virtual Assistant which is power by Human-Trained AI, suggesting Daily life matters. As for now, it is still under process and testing. Furthermore, Their Teams are working on more developments which soon going to visit approach user later this year.

Henceforth, Messenger Team is substantially working deliberately for enhancement of messenger. They are quite confident to improve store with most anticipate products online for Facebook messenger users. It’s all about Time, 2016 will be the year of highly advance development in apps and technological perspective.



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  The Year of 2016 will brings upon tremendous amount of advancement in technologies especially in apps. Software Company like Facebook kept on updating their newer […]
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