Despite of having Games in your Room cabinet with lots of accessories and Gaming gears you own, many users prefer Build log instead of libraries, every PC Enthusiast has desire to  build a beast kind of setup in their Life, at least for once. Beside Gaming consoles and other devices, PC Gaming is still alive in modern era where portability matters a lot. Although we have seen many international projects signed up for best Gaming Awards. Meanwhile Pakistan is no behind them all. Recently a Pakistani Gamer and modding Enthusiast build a Gaming setup and transform his room into an Ultimate Gaming Emperor codename “Project Alpha”

First glimpse of project alpha was seen on Pakistani Biggest Gaming forum “PakGamers, where guy with username “Devilwing AKA Shahrukh K” unveil his marvelous Art work to the public. Understanding its significance and value, we Approach this guy and asked him about how he able to done this fantastic Art work. His words on becoming one of the top class Modding Room setup amongst world Top tiers.  We talked about his achievements and grab some detail on his Build log.



project 1

Starting from his Gaming Setup, featuring

  • Case: Corsair 780T
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 5820K
  • Motherboard: ASUS X99-A
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 32GB 2666MHz
  • GPU: 2x ASUS 980Ti Strix
  • SSD: 1x Sandisk 480GB and 1x Kingston 240GB SSDNow
  • HDD: 2x Seagate 3TB
  • PSU: 1000w EVGA supernova
  • Extra Accessories : Vardar Fans 6x for Radiators , Sleeved cable Extensions and others

project 2

High end processor featuring 6 core and 12 threads mounted on ASUs x99 board fully water-cool. The ice cooling isn’t really comfort at all while following the step by step procedure, its worth every penny if you try. Well this rig definitely justify if it would have verge Graphics option, which user did. He installed ASUS 980 Ti strix in SLI, water cooling really justifying spending and Rig’s showcase. All cables are sleeved and a complete Icing transformer.

project 6project 4

Surroundings and Playing Gear

Once you enter the Room, a black and white color Scheme will caught you at first glance. It is all about Simplicity and perfection. Besides, he placed 3x Screens right at middle of PC setup featuring 4K extremely High end and advance setup. On the right side, Gaming Rig is placed, water cooled all the way. Keyboard and Mouse are placed just at middle of the table, too sleek and embedded. The commitment towards producing one of the Best PC Rig is depicting from this piece of Art.

project 3

Wireless Room

The most noticeable and blazing thing is that the room is almost wireless. Even not a single wire opening from any corner except single socket wire. He placed Headphone just under the table so cabling stuff would not bother at all. You can also see the led lighting under table, adding some extra attraction.

project 4

Table accessories

Comes to Table and gadgets, 2 Speakers are placed just corners of Screens with black and white shade. Mouse and keyboard are specifically modded to reconcile with background and screens.  A black cup has placed on the left, we don’t know if it’s a cup or DSLR lens top. But has something in relation to theme.

project 9

Theme Chair

Do you have desire for modding, even your chair? It’s here folks. Sleek and simple.


He is not only A PC Gamer

If you’re thinking, its Room modded for PC only. Then I would like to take you to other side of gaming, He dedicated one of the rack especially for Console includes PS4. a bigger Screen plotted just besides PC setup shading red. When lights are off, Gaming setup will reveal something really extraordinary detail to Gaming environment. A game character has placed at corner demonstrating the interesting devotion.  The whole idea was prevalent  yet creative, which I believe hard to achieve but he done it perfectly well. A triumph for Pakistani Gamer.



Randomfrankp’s Best Gaming Room Setup Award

I must say truly it’s depicting his hard work and his dedication towards a hardcore pro gaming. Really touching and mouth-watering piece of work reflecting here. Drimta just received a recent development report, Project alpha has won the “Randomfrankp’s best Gaming setup Award”, showing his class.

We have interviewed Shahrukh K and placed some real time questions in front of him. Which is responded quite elegantly.

How you get this idea of whole room + PC Modding?

      The idea came up from all the youtuber doing stuff watching people’s setup and learning from their imperfections.

People usually prefer more PC modding, why you did room modding? Do you want to become famous or your internal desire for Room modding?

 I always wasted a clean environment to work with either it’s my general browsing or hardcore modding project or playing games and more than that I wanted to show where ever you live it doesn’t matter you can always do something extra ordinary.

How much it costs you?

I went for the lowest possible solutions, also the processor / ram are the lowest end versions for that Gen as well, I tried to maintain the budget but all I can tell you it costed a lot.

He refrain to tell us exactly the cost he beard on evolutionary build. But it definitely costed him huge which his Room demonstrating it.

How much time it taken of yours? From buying stuff to end result?

It took me 3 months to convert a storage room into this working/gaming setup.


I am sure you face some difficulties in Project Alpha, but specifically state them what are they?

The biggest challenge for me was the Main water Cooled with hardline tubing PC , since it was my first experience with water cooling as well as hardline tubing .


You already awarded Randomfrankp, is that it? Or are you planning to submit your Project to any other Programs like Guru3d forum?

I am planning to submit it in more places and forums as well , I’ve submitted to frank because he asked me himself to submit ASAP also other Youtubers asked me on twitter will definitely submit to them with new unique images for each channel.

What’s your future planning? Will you continue to be a “Bob the Builder” or you think that’s it, I don’t have more time. State your future projects what’s in your mind in descriptive form?

There are lots of things on my mind

Currently working on something as well.



Beside PC platform, what other platforms are you on? And tell us your preferred platform among them.?

I love playing on my PS4 as well as PC More into Tekken and PC Fps games.


Furthermore, What Randomfrankp commented on your project, please includes that too in your response?

This is kinda funny I had no idea what have i done exactly but I was quite surprised with the comments on twitter and on youtuber as well, it was overwhelming.

Pakistani community must be proud to have a talented and enthusiastic PC user like Shahrukh K. He surely is deserving much more than that a randomfrankp award. its only a start for him though. As far as his next projects,  I am sure he will have something bigger and extraordinary in near future as he told us and shown a teaser for his next project. We are following him on his next project as well. he has already been launched it. let see what he will bring for us in his next project.


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