What is debating? No sir, it is not what our women do on the while arguing about who copied who’s dress design, that my friend is war. Debating is the skill to cajole the person to submit to your argument (Somebody gotta tell dem ladies).

Why Debate?

Why do we need to debate? A Mexican standoff could most definitely be an ideal judge of who gets bragging rights but let’s be honest, we live in a boring (AKA civilized) times. So the second best option we have is to bring decisive arguments to the floor to prove our points (I would recommend buttering, but apparently even that’s expensive nowadays), Ps I’m not cheap, I prefer wise.

Think like a Person

Always think like a person, NOT a debater. YES, apparently, you have to think as well (how tiresome), they say you shouldn’t over think either (damn these people can’t make up their minds), because sometimes the most obvious thing is the right way to go (Huh, like we didn’t already know that right?)

Be Relevant

Sometimes when you have an equally competent debater against you, you just have to give the chairs something to push the decision in your favor. And no a ‘Macarena’ isn’t going to cut it (Like WHAT!!!), I know right, who doesn’t love the good old Macarena. To be effective you just have to sniff the essence of what the chair would like to hear or the way the debate should head and say the respective things in order to have the pendulum swing in your favor.


As the old saying has it, be confident in whatever you say. YES, it is a very effective technique. Remember when your mom told you to put the clothes in your dryer and you forgot, and when asked, the confidence that you had when you told her that you did, but they magically got out from the dryer and back into the basket? YES, your confidence works magic kids (Lying is still bad kids). So it is evident how whatever you say, no matter how fictional, the way you say it could make the most certain person doubt himself.

Be Original

Never try to copy someone’s debating style, be original (Unless you’re a Trump, in which case just stick to what everyone else is doing). The key is to be comfortable as to put yourself and everyone around you at ease, and to attain an aura of certainty within yourself so the rest of the committee doesn’t make you the target of all of their accusations, as you would seem like the easiest target.

Game Plan

You should always know where the debate is headed before it begins (it’s not a game of Ludo that you just role with the dice). Having a game plan makes life much easier for you, as it gives you that edge over everyone else when they are still planning the next move they make. This also works because the chairs can identify you as one who is organized, It’s scores you a ton of brownie points, trust me.

Be Compelling

Debating is usually just like a story, the one who pulls through is usually the one who comes up with the most interesting and believable story. Not like the time when you told the teacher that the dog ate your homework, which just almost never works, ALMOST. Go with the time you told your mom you were sick and you put the thermometer in hot water, now that’s a good story.


Whenever you start your research, it is essential to make it open ended; you never know what piece of information might come in hand. The best way is to research about everything your country stands for and everything about the topic at hand, may it be the ridiculous comments by the most apparently insignificant country, in this case pointing a gun at someone could get you out of some serious hot water.

Use your Opponents Words

When you’re literally at a loss for words, just say the opposite of whatever the other person says. They says honey is sweet, you shall call it sour, and using that charismatic charm of yours, you shall make them believe (I think I went a tad overboard, but you get the point)

Be Persistent

No matter how out of the debate you think you are, you just have to be persistent and continuously attempt to turn it in your favor, It’s never over till it’s over (No I did not quote a movie……. Okay, I did). You have to always give it your best. Because winning is not all that counts, you must make sure you had fun and gave it your all, go with a no regrets policy, have fun, make friends, MUNs are all about great debate and some of the best memories of your life as some of these people that you are debating with are going to become some of your greatest friends. Plus, every experience of failure is a stepping stone for making you better at whatever you do.

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February 10, 2017
Debating For Dummies

Debating For Dummies

What is debating? No sir, it is not what our women do on the while arguing about who copied who’s dress design, that my friend is […]