In order to maximize the profit and stabilize your existence in the Cyber World choosing the Best Web Hosting Services is indispensable. There are thousands of web hosting companies in the market. Also there are many types of web hosting provided by them. Mainly they are: Shared, Dedicated, VPS, Reseller, colocation, managed, clustered, home servers and cloud hosting etc. You can choose any of them according to requirements and needs.

These all require an operating system for their operations, which is the most important thing and the deciding factor for all specifications and compatibility. Two mostly used web hosting operating systems are Linux and windows. Both are differently used according to their specific functions.

Linux based hosted servers are mostly preferred by many professionals and entrepreneurs over other web hosting services, due to its many advantages. Here are some of the benefits of going with Linux Web Hosting:

Expenses: – This is the main aspect upon that everyone eyes up and it concerns all. As far as, the web hosting is concerned Linux Shared Hosting has an edge over the others. The benefit of low price comes from the reason that Linux is an open source platform. Anybody can use it, there is no license required. So, the license fee is subtracted.

Secondly, the Linux server and desktop applications for website designing such as DNS server, file server and FTP are free for your server to use and can be easily downloaded. Hence, boiling down of the price reduces the expenses, that’s why it’s commonly used.

Flexibility: – Joomla, Drupal, php  and wordpress works with Linux platform. These are the enterprises where most of the websites are being made. So, Linux web hosting carries a wider range and spectrum of use.

Likewise it is more flexible you can use it for Blogs, forums, E-commerce or whatever you want. Also the modifications and up gradations are much easier.

Security:-Security is one of the major concern of everyone, now a days. Even many of the bigger named websites gone through DDOS attacks and website hacks. Linux offers much more secure connections and reliability than windows. As, it is much easier for upgrade and maintain. So, it reduces the security risks while regular software fixes.

User Friendly: – Linux operating systems for hosting are much simpler and easier to use. Linux comes with pre-installed software and features making it user friendly.

Compatibility: – Linux based hosting is much more compatible and capable. It offers better functionality with other operating systems. Even a website made on windows is much compatible to use on a Linux platform. It can handle large amount of operations simultaneously increasing the speed.

Advancements: – As, Linux is an open source platform, so it leaves room to grow. Everybody using and contributing brings advancements and upgrades. Webmasters improves it with time and share it to all. Bugs are being fixed by its worldwide users. Consequently, it never gets dull and is still modern.

Web Hosting in Pakistan

May 8, 2016
web hosting in pakistan

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In order to maximize the profit and stabilize your existence in the Cyber World choosing the Best Web Hosting Services is indispensable. There are thousands of […]
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