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August 18, 2017
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Start Preparing For The Tenth Men’s Asian Hockey Cup Start Preparing For The Tenth Men’s Asian Hockey Cup

Hockey is the national game of Pakistan and also a part of Asian Hockey federation which held an event annually ‘Asian Hockey Championship Trophy’, in this event Pakistan and India are most successful teams because both Pakistan and India have won the Asian Championship trophy twice. Now this time Asian Hockey federation held the tenth tournament of Men’s Asian Hockey Cup 2017 which will be held from start 12 to 22 October 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh and the winner team will qualify the World Cup 2018 in India. Bangladesh, India, Oman, japan, Pakistan, South Korea and Malaysia will participate in this Men’s Asian Hockey Cup and Pakistan has started preparation for the tenth tournament of Asian hockey Cup, for this purpose Chief Selector and selector committee held a camp in Naseerbana stadium Islamabad for the training of players and they have invited 60 players which included28 defender and 32 forwards and some senior players which were not played in World Hockey League are also invited.

Hockey is a sport in which two teams are played against each other trying to manipulate the ball into the opponent’s goal by using a hockey stick, the equipment that are used in hockey are; shoulder pads, jockstrap with cup pocket and protective cup, hockey stick and a ball or puck but hockey has different sub- types which are as below;

  • Bandy
  • Ice Hockey
  • Field hockey
  • Roller hockey ( inline)
  • Roller Hockey ( quad)
  • Street hockey
  • Sledge hockey

There are some other games which are derived from hockey, having some forms which are; Air hockey, Ball hockey, Box hockey, Foot hockey, Broomball, Deck hockey, Floor hockey, Foot hockey, Floorball, Indoor Field hockey, Nok hockey, Power hockey, Unicycle hockey, Underwater hockey, Mini hockey, Pond hockey, Table Hockey, Hurling and Camogie, Ringett, Rink bandy and rinkball, Rossall hockey, Shiny, Shinty, Skater hockey, Gym hockey and Spongee.

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