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Physical Activity and the Cancer Patient

Physical Activity and the Cancer Patient


In past times people who were going through different chronic illness which basically means an illness that a person has which he or she may live with a long time like diabetes or even cancer, were advised by doctors and experts to take lots of rest and reduce their physical activity. So they were advised to not engage in daily activities and more often rest than endure any physical activity this may be said in cases where movement might cause pain, rapid heart rate or shortness of breath however now a days research shows us that exercise is only safe and possible during the treatment of cancer but it can also improve life quality in general.

It is said that too much rest can lead to loss of body function in particular, it may create muscle weakness and might reduce the range of motion. So we see that today many cancer care teams, doctors and breast cancer care teams urge their patients to be physically active as much as possible during their cancer treatment and even after it as they learn the advantages of being physically active after it as well.

Regular exercise may help the patient in a number of ways first and foremost it will help him or her by improving physical abilities of the patient which means how well you can use your body to do things mainly do work. It will improve balance and will lower the risk of falls and broken bones as the body will be in good shape and physically strong even with treatment.  Will keep the muscles from wasting due to inactivity, will lower the risk of a heart disease and lessen the risk of osteoporosis which happens due to weak bones that are more likely to break then normal fit ones.

Exercise and physical exertion will improve the blood flow to your legs and lower the risk of blood clots, it would make you less dependent on others for help with normal daily activities and will overall give you a boost and improve your self-esteem by lowering the risk of being depressed and anxious all the time.  It lessens fatigue and nausea with improving the ability to keep social contacts and all this with keeping your body in good shape by helping you control your weight and giving you good quality life.

Research still doesn’t know whether how much does exercise and physical activity have on the recovery after cancer or their effects on the immune system which is affected the hardest by the medication and treatment related to cancer but we do know that regular moderate exercise will be good for the body and will provide health benefits to that person. During treatment the goals that exercise can give would be that it should be something that you like doing like playing a sport, cycling or running on a treadmill. The exercise plan should take into account any program you already followed but according to the strength you now possess and what you can do and any physical problems or limits you have.

There are certain things that will affect your ability such as the type and stage of cancer that you have, the treatment that you have to go through and the stamina that you have or your endurance level and overall strength and fitness.  You should know that you won’t be able to exercise like you used to before the treatment and wouldn’t be able to have the same intensity levels however you should be proud of yourself that you can still do so much at a level where people don’t even think about.

Whether you are just continuing or starting your exercise your doctor should know about all what you are doing and have an input on tailoring this program to meet your body’s needs.


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