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July 5, 2017
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July 10, 2017

Hot Topic Of Political TV Talk Show Is Panama Leaks And JIT

Media is playing an important role and providing you a wide range of TV talk shows that are on every topic i.e. political, funny and may more. The talk show are not only providing entertainment but also giving you awareness about your surroundings and society.

The hottest topic of TV talk shows is Panama Leaks and JIT. Panama Leaks was a paper published by a foreigner showing the list of Offshore properties in overall world and among all those respectable persons holding such offshore and named as billionaire, one  person was PM of Pakistan and it was revealed in  April that Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif and his Children have ill-legal offshore companies and properties.  How this could happened as our PM didn’t show such kind of list of properties when he was going to hold this designation in Pakistan. A case was started against this in Pakistan where they have to show their wealth in front of their nation. PM Nawaz Sharif and his family is facing investigation by the order of Pakistani Supreme Court. For the purpose of investigation Pakistani Supreme court organized a joint team of civil and military investigation agencies to investigate the internal affairs of PM Nawaz Sharif and his Family. This thing has been highlighted from past one year and now is going to resolve within month of July 2017 and Nation is interested to know how they got such properties. For this purpose all Pakistani Talk shows are highlighting this affair.

Checkout your favorite Tv Talk Shows

There are a lot of news channels which are showing different TV talks show about current affairs and today’s political situation in the country, internal affairs between different political rivals. Some famous news channels that are showing political TV talks show are as below:

  • Geo news
  • ARY News
  • Express News
  • Samaa TV
  • Duniya News
  • 92 HD
  • TV One
  • BOL News
  • News One


Famous Talk shows are:

  • Capital Talk

Capital Talk is a political TV talk show which is hosted by most popular Pakistani journalist, security expert, war correspondent, news anchor and author Hamid Mir.

  • Mery Mutabiq

This TV talk show is hosted by famous journalist and columnist Hassan Nisar who is also known for his TV talk show Choraha in ARY.

  • Muqabil

This TV talk show is aired on 92 HD and hosted with political commentator Rauf klasra and Amir Mateen.

  • The Reporter

This TV talk show is hosted by Sami Ibrahim, Arif Hameed Bhati and Sabir Shakir.

  • Off the Record

Pakistani journalist and anchorperson Kashif Abbasi hosted this TV Talk show on ARY.

  • 11th Hour

Wasim Badami Pakistani journalist and news anchor hosted this TV talk show on ARY.

If you want to watch TV Talks Show you can search them by name, by host name, by participants ,so just  click the where all  talks show are up to date.




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