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July 5, 2017
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Beginner’s Guide to Improve Writing Skills – Abandon These 3 Habits Today

Beginner's Guide to Improve Writing Skills - Abandon These 3 Habits Today


Good writing is subjective, but mistakes aren’t. In fact, mistakes can be downright embarrassing particularly when the readers expect you to be a pro. The erroneous drafts are equally disadvantageous for students and amateurs but have you ever wondered what results into bad writing?
The experts would say bad writing habits…

And they are right. If your bad writing habits compel you to come up with a bland draft, then there’s nothing much you can do except changing those bad habits into the beneficial ones. No one wants writing skills to be their downfall so let’s not fret about them and figure out the ways to get away from such habits without further ado.

Here are a few bad habits along with no-brainers to make that happen!

Habit 1 # Writing Without Homework

So you are short on deadline but does that mean you should rush towards the writing part and skip the brainstorming sessions that can add flair in your write-up? This is what many writers do, and regret later on. Commencing write-up without any prior homework is just like skipping the foundation before constructing a building.

How to Avoid: 2 days or 2 hours, never start writing right away. Make a plan instead. No matter how limited the time, never miss any step whether, it’s planning, brainstorming or outlining.

Habit 2 # Using All the Words You Know

It often comes in handy to have a lot of fancy words in your vocabulary as a writer, but that doesn’t mean you should always show them off. Web content writing or academic, using fancy words without taking into consideration the readers and purpose of writing is a naïve mistake that many writers make at some stage of their career.

How to Avoid: Maintain a balanced use of words. Don’t be too wordy; you should replace wordiness with valuable information to distinguish yourself as a writer.

Habit 3 # Not Following a Writing Plan

It’s never a good idea to write without any planning because writing is not some random act that you are going to do one day, then forget about it for ages, and then suddenly resume that long-forgotten project out of the blue. A non-habitual writing habit would lead you nowhere or towards an incomplete document that makes a little or no sense at all.

How to Avoid: Make writing your daily ritual and don’t start abruptly. Making a systemic plan will manipulate your mind into thinking that it’s an important activity.

Do you possess any of these habits? Or the ones that are not mentioned here? There is no need to sweat over it. You can use the tips given in this blog to get rid of your bad writing habits for good. You can also use the feedback box below to share your thoughts with us. We can’t wait to bring an expert writer that’s hidden somewhere in you!

Do your bad writing habits haunt you? Read this blog for help. If you still can’t get rid of these habits, papershelm can provide a high-quality document!

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