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June 9, 2017
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Pak Army Is One Of The Best Army Force Worldwide

Pakistan army is one of the best army forces considered worldwide.  Pak army has become so strong from last year 2016 where the Major General Raheel Shareef was at authority place to take decisions against criminals. He did best for Pakistan. His deeds are remarkable. He saved Pakistan from criminals and made his name even international forces counted the Pak force as one of the strong forces and appreciated the deeds of Pak army.

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Later on the General Qammar Bajwa took his seat and a promise was taken from him to take care of Pakistan. He is also doing great as well and recently he visited Multan city and he shared his thoughts with media in below words:

Pak army is one of the best force and I am proud to be the chief of such strong and great force, Pak army is ready to face any threats and ready to fight against any threats and he advised his force to be ready to face and fight against threats. He has appreciated the all efforts what our army is doing at fata mission and praised all army members of Multan”

He visited the martyr of Multan and pray for all of them as they were also our great asset. He put the roses on graves of Martyr and this was a way of appreciating their efforts for our country.

By having such great leaders, one day our country will be considered as one of the strongest country for all prospective and our nation will feel proud for our country just because of our army.

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