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Amazon boss Jeff Bezos wants to deliver packages on moon

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos wants to deliver packages on moon

Jeff Bezos has argued that Earth-to-Moon shipping route is essential if humans want to have lunar colonies.

Amazon boss wants to initiate packages’ delivery to the moon. Bezos also owns Blue Origin which is a private space travel company. He has authored an internal report and argued in favor of a good delivery service. He has emphasized on the importance of delivery route for human settlement on moon.

This confidential white paper has been written for Blue Origin and Bezos has expressed his hope to convince NASA toward develop “incentives to the private sector to demonstrate a commercial lunar cargo delivery service” by 2020. If this happens, Earth-to-Moon route will have a same service like Amazon Prime. This report also carried a description of a latest Blue Moon vehicle which will be capable of carrying around 10,000 pounds of cargo. This vehicle will land on lunar South Pole.

The report has been shared with Trump’s transition team and NASA in a bid to get a head start if there are any future lunar shipping projects. Bezos space travel company, Blue Origins, has no plans to send people on moon rather the company wants to target delivery of equipment and gear to moon. This would be essential for human colony.

This proposal is same like SpaceX’s planning for Mars settlements. The exact landing technology would be used by the Blue Moon vehicle. It enabled the New Shepard rocket of Blue Origins to launch and land five times successfully in the previous year.

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