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Amazon boss Jeff Bezos wants to deliver packages on moon
March 3, 2017
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March 17, 2017

6 Useful Home Décor Tips

Being a woman, I simply love to decorate my house. My husband is quite cooperative and supports my activities. Previously, we were living in a rented house. I used to make small changes according to space but recently we have moved in our own home using man and van London services. It’s a small house but a cute one” and I often refer to it as Home sweet home”. I decorate every inch of the house, the floor, wall color, roof, curtains, furniture, and windows. Here are 6 home décor tips which I have practically implemented:

6 Tips to Decorate a New House:

Light Wall Paint Colors

Source: Chaneybrewer

Choose light colors for painting the walls. It may be white or a combination of two colors such as white or off-white on one wall and light purple or mild orange on the other wall depending on your furniture.

Choose Light Colored Curtains

Source: e-partenaire

The curtains also need to be in light color to give a wide look to the room. The wall hangings should be at a medium height neither too high nor too low. There should be fewer paintings as the crowded walls add to an untidy look.

Opt for Large Windows

Source: irnum

The windows should be large especially the window of the drawing room and bedroom. Frankly speaking, I love big windows because it’s wonderful to stand in front of such windows in rain.

Do Not Overcrowd a Space

Source: redskyarts

The less furniture you use the more elegant the room looks. Expensive furniture is not important as you can always go for something within your range but make sure to choose style that can complement the entire room.

Room Aside Your Kitchen

Source: Houseplansandmore

A small room with the kitchen is a good idea as all the extra utensils, especially after parties, can be placed there. This will make a kitchen look neat and clean, and helps you to stay away from the tension of dish washing in the presence of guests.

Blue Washroom Tiles

Source: Tileideaz

Use blue tiles in washroom with white sanitary for accentuating your washroom’s look.



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