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Usage of cell phone can reduce intensity of workout

using cell phone during exercise

According to a new research, if you talk or text on the cell phone while working out, it will not only decrease the intensity of workout but also affects balance.

Switch off your cell phone if you want to get maximum benefit from your exercise. This is advised by Michael Rebold, Ph.D., who is working at Hiram College as assistant professor of integrative exercise science.

His recent studies have revealed that texting or talking on a cell phone while exercise will reduce the intensity of the workout and affect balance.

It is the first known research to study the impacts of cell phone usage on postural stability. It has shown that texting and talking on a cell phone can negatively impact the user’s balance during daily activities.

The research has studied 45 college students and showed that usage of a cell phone can significantly affect postural stability. 19 percent postural stability is reduced if you use a cell phone during your workout. However, if you only listen to music there won’t be any notable reduction in postural stability.

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