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February 17, 2017
5 Fashion Trends to Follow in 2017
5 Fashion Trends to Follow in 2017
February 21, 2017

5 Tips to Ease the Winter Blues

5 Tips to Ease the Winter Blues

Winter months are cold and dark and this season can even lead to depression in some people. They suffer from low mood and energy and find difficult to perform daily tasks. This time of year can prove really challenging for them. If you are one of them, here are 5 tips to reduce and ease your winter blues:

Do Exercise           

Regular exercise tends to release the mood enhancing chemicals and helps in overall improving your mood and energy level. Aerobic exercises like running and walking have an added benefit of providing you the opportunity to be in natural light.

Eat Healthy Food

In winters, people generally prefer to eat comfort food and dishes rich in carbohydrates such as coffee filled with added sugar. However, it will harm your metabolic health. So you need to resist this temptation and stick to your normal health diet. Your daily food should include plenty of vegetables and fruits, oily fish, beans, lean meat, pulses and wholegrain. Take plenty of garlic, casseroles and vegetable soups.

Add Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin D can improve your Serotonin levels. Supplements of fish oil can also help. Visit a qualified nutritionist and find out what mineral and general multi vitamin supplement will suit you. Nutritional supplements help in boosting your physical and mental wellbeing.

Get Some Light

Try to go outside and get natural sunlight as much as you can. For achieving maximum benefit, expose you skin to natural light. It will reduce your lethargy and boost energy level.

Be Active

Buy tickets of music concerts, festivals, and movies, sporting events or theatre so you will have something to look forward to. Pin these tickets on a door or somewhere visible so you get a look of them frequently. You will unconsciously remind yourself of these events.

Every season has its own charm. The best strategy to avoid winter blues is to maintain your daily routine and do normal activities.

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