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November 10, 2016
Choose The Best Boxing Gloves: KINDS OF BOXING GLOVES
November 22, 2016

Purchasing the Right Kind of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are an integral part of boxing equipment and one of the most vital things a boxer requires in the boxing ring. It is essential for a boxer to purchase the right kind of boxing gloves to serve as a shield against a powerful blow. It is a very perplexing decision for beginners to purchase the right kind of gloves and this decision becomes even tough when a novice comes across different kind of terminology used for the Boxing Equipment.
To purchase the right pair of boxing gloves, it is research is the key. Following are some important points that must be kept in mind:
Boxing gloves material:

Firstly the material of Boxing Training Gloves must be given top priority. Among all different types of materials, leather boxing gloves are admired by large number of professional boxers and these are ideal for fighting as well as training purposes. Gloves with laces are best because these can be used easily during practice sessions as well. Fasteners are much better as compared to laces. Gloves must not be too hard as these can become painful for the opponent as well.
If you are a professional boxer, you must invest in a branded and expensive product. However; if boxing is your hobby, you can go for cheaper stuff.

The size of gloves is the second most obvious point. You might have heard the phrase: fits like a glove. Size does matter a lot in boxing. A loose fit glove can never give a powerful blow to the opponent. Different sizes of gloves are available in the market. The gloves that fit your hand tightly and provide a strong shield against fractures are the ideal ones. You must choose the gloves size carefully after giving a try.

The weight of boxing gloves must be given maximum importance because it has a great influence on the performance of boxer. A boxer must talk to the coach regarding the purchase of right kind of pair. The weight of boxing gloves ranges from 10-20 ounces. The thickness of gloves offers more protection to professional fighters. But the weight should be according to your body type and the level of protection you require.
Hand wraps:
Another important thing that must be kept in mind during a fight is that your hands should be covered with extra layer under the gloves. So a boxer must purchase hand wraps before purchasing boxing gloves as these can serve as an added protection to keep your knuckles and bones safe during fight.

Boxing gloves are available in variety of colors. The famous colors being red, blue, brown, black and white. If you are a young passionate boxer then you can go for bright white color. If you are a professional one, you can choose black color. The colors have no association with the functioning of your gloves but can make you feel great in the boxing ring.
Always choose the right kind of protective gear to boost your performance in the boxing ring.

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