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November 23, 2016
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How To Boost Your YouTube Channel And Videos

YouTube is the key to promoting your brand. It is the second largest search engine in the world and offers great competition as 300 hours of videos are uploaded at YouTube every single minute.

Following are certain tactics that will help you advertise your YouTube Channel and Videos in the best way:

Create Custom Thumbnails

A single second is enough for catching a viewer’s attention. Apart from video title, the thumbnail of your video can work wonders. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity of designing an attractive image that brings call to action.

Google recommends different specifications about the size of your custom thumbnail when it is embedded on website:

Resolution: 1280*720

Image Formats: .jpg,.gif,.bmp,.png

Size: Below 2MB.

Aspect ratio: 16:9

You can use the custom thumbnail option to upload your video. For adding one to an existing video, click edit video and then click the custom thumbnail.

SEO Tricks

There are various YouTube optimization techniques for improving your search rankings in YouTube but SEO tricks have the most useful and long lasting results. It is basically all about your keyword research and the best use of specific keywords in particular places on your video page.

The basic idea is to study keyword searches in Google. Suppose searching for phrases like “how to salsa dance” will result in a page filled with videos because an article would not be interesting for a viewer who wants to learn salsa dance.  If your keyword results show more videos than text on Google then it would be an amazing option to work with.

  1. Use “call to action feature”

Retaining and engaging a viewer is very important. A YouTube call to action feature can help engaging a customer. There are basically four man actions that your viewers can take:

  1. Subscribe this Popular Videos channel
  2. Watch more videos
  3. Like or share a video
  4. Add a comment.

Use these features to engage your audience.

  1. Use annotations:

Annotations are small pieces of text that will show on your video. You can decide the length of the video at which you want this overlap. You can set up annotations in settings.  Annotations are termed big money makers because the number of clicks increases multiple times within a single month by using annotations. You must try this option for optimizing your YouTube channel.

  1. Add video descriptions:

A video description is imperative. Place your website and social media accounts links in your description and ask people to click.

Embedding is crucial

YouTube offers you options to allow or not to allow the embedding feature. The embed feature helps others to publish your video on their website, channel etc which will automatically lead to more exposure. Just ensure you get more credit every time you get your video re-published.

Google Ad words and Google Plus can drive exposure.

It is important to rely on the Adwords and Google Plus to enable more attention from audience. Google links adwords with Google Plus page that can be an awesome tool to make an impact.

Hopefully these tips will give your video promotion the required boost you need to ensure that your subscriber numbers keeps on ticking.

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