Purchasing the Right Kind of Boxing Gloves
November 17, 2016
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November 23, 2016

Choose The Best Boxing Gloves: KINDS OF BOXING GLOVES

To chose the right type of gloves depends on your prime purpose of using them. It also depends on personal preferences of a buyer. Some people like to have compact gloves while others love to have heavily padded gloves. One has to choose the gloves that make a boxer feel comfortable and don’t force him in to an unnatural position. Ultimately what is your purpose of using boxing gloves is what really matters.
Following are different types of gloves that are used by boxers around the world to apply skill to the amazing sport.

Training gloves are hybrid gloves that can be used for bag or sparring work. These are generally stiff enough to be used on heavy bags but have the ability to bear shock during sparring. The use of these gloves is generally not recommended for sparring or bag work. These are versatile gloves and can be used for training purposes.

These gloves are very old style boxing gloves that were manufactured in Thailand for the first time for Muay Thai boxers but are now globally renowned. These gloves have subtle design differences from boxing gloves to support the Muay Thai sport that include kicks and heavy clinches. Here you go For a selection of MUAY THAI GLOVES!

The main purpose of use of these gloves is to hit bags, double end bags and heavy bags. These mainly feature a wrap around closure that provides help and ease in putting on and taking off. In several cases, these are also constructed with dense foam for fists protection when you hit a hard and heavy bag. These gloves are especially suitable for advanced fighters.

These gloves are meant to protect both the boxer and the opponent. The ideal gloves for sparring cover the wrap around closure so that the fighter does not get abrasions. These gloves are measured in ounces. The larger the number of boxing gloves ounces, the greater the shock absorbing capacity of the gloves. The padding is usually soft and cushioned in order to make impacts less sharper.

These gloves are quite famous among boxers. People of mixed martial arts use these open fingered gloves.MMA gloves provide added strength during wrestling. These gloves provide support to wrist and eliminate probability of broken ligaments. These gloves ensure that the player’s grip is powerful and he can perform at the very best. Grappling gloves have become vital part of the play. Majority of professionals choose 1-4 ounces whereas amateurs wear a bit higher than 6 ounces. Basically the difference becomes apparent in the ability to manage the wrist. For amateurs the heavier gloves provide great facilitation to the hands and wrist.


These gloves are used by pros for boxing and usually weigh 8 oz or 10 oz. These gloves come with the weight specified by the match organization as per regulation. These gloves are for power, tight fit and provide maximum speed. These usually come with laces.

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