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August 31, 2016
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Where to Find Top MMA Equipment?


There are so many brands out there selling MMA gear that it really becomes hard to pick the right brand. In this article I have tried to make your job easier by shortlisting top 5 MMA brands. The main reasons for picking them are:

  • They are easily available and easy to order
  • All fighters and coaches recognize them
  • They are ranked highly in terms of quality
  • They offer complete range of MMA equipment

The kind of MMA gear they are famous for include MMA gloves, hand wraps, groin protectors. Shin guards, knee pads, head guard, mouth guard, MMA grappling shorts, rash guards, compression shorts, and heavy bag.

Let’s find out what these brands offer in terms of quality and service.


RDX is another young brand like Venum that started selling boxing and MMA equipment in the UK, but now their products are shipped worldwide. The brand has over 250 products in its catalog. All built with high quality. They offer excellent after sales service and free and fast shipment. RDX has incorporated new innovative technologies in their manufacturing process that makes them unique from other brands. If you are looking for great quality MMA equipment in low price then this is the brand to buy.


Hayabusa is a brand that is known for producing great quality equipment and apparel. Their product line features wide range of products from heavy bags to footgrips. Don’t get confused by same name motorcycle brand. Hayabusa takes pride in its rich tradition, which is highlighted in its product range.


This is a brand with over 20 years of experience. Their most popular training equipment includes gloves, wraps and shorts. Revgear is also popular for their high quality protective gear and gym equipment. If you are just starting out, this is a good place to start.


This is originally a Brazilian brand that started almost 10 years ago but recently they are finding their feet in the US. They have invested heavily in sponsoring UFC fighters, which has done a lot of good in spreading its name worldwide. Their product range include top quality MMA gloves and protective gear. Recently they got involved in a court case with Nike, which own the trademark “Venum”. It is hoped that they will get through these issues and carry on the good work.


American brand “Topout” is another household name when it comes to MMA. They are known for producing sports clothing, fitness accessories and training gear. Their high quality sports goods are used by many top fighters. Due to the fact, the brand is deeply rooted in the sport of MMA, it has had a notable impact on its growth, which is why Tapout has sponsors largest number of athletes.

The above list of brands are currently the top pick for all the top fighters in the game, so next time when you go out shopping, don’t forget these name.

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