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August 18, 2016
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What Equipment Do You Need For Boxing Training?


Boxing is the ideal workout for anyone who wants to get fit. Not only it is important for your body, but your mind also benefits from it. It can help you out with endurance, develops upper body muscles, and improves your hand-eye coordination tremendously.

In order to start boxing, you need some boxing equipment that will go a long way in your training. This is only a one-time cost that will cover all your boxing expenses for the next few years, depending upon how you use them. Here is what you need to get your boxing training started.

Boxing Gloves

There are many kinds of boxing gloves. Some are used with heavy bags, while others are used for training and sparring. When you are buying, there are few things you need to check first. What kind of material is used to manufacture the gloves? What kind of padding is used? And finally the weight and size of the gloves.

The Cowhide leather gloves are still believed to be the best gloves because they offer much better quality and durability. Yes, they are more expensive, but there should be no compromise when it comes to the quality and health. Another important thing to remember is that check the size of the gloves after wearing hand wraps because you will be using them beneath the gloves in your average practice session.

Here is a size and weight chart that will help you pick the right glove for you.

Your Weight    Glove Weight

  • 175 lbs or above 16 oz
  • 147 lbs to 175 lbs 14 oz
  • 147 lbs or lighter 12 oz
  • ages 6-12, 8 oz

Hand Wraps

After boxing gloves, hand wraps are the next most important boxing equipment. The main reason of wearing hand wraps is to provide extra support and protection for your hands. It can protect you from various injuries like fractures and bruises.

You can easily find a wide variety of reusable hand wraps in the stores. These are easily washable and are made of cloth fabric most of the time, but you can also use tape for wrapping if reusable hand wrap is not available. For added protection you can also use cotton on your knuckles before applying a hand wrap. You can apply hand wraps in a number of ways depending how you like to throw your punches and protect yourself.

Heavy Bag

Heavy bag is the third most popular boxing equipment after boxing gloves and hand wraps. The best thing about a hand bag is that you can hook the bag anywhere you like and start practicing. It’s up to you how you use a punch bag, as there are a number of ways it can be used besides using it for punching. Heavy bags are classified into different weight and size categories. Normally they come in 4 feet and 5 feet length for adults. Smaller than 4 feet bags are used for kids.

Also, when you are buying a heavy bag make sure whether you are ordering a filled or unfilled bag. If the bag is unfilled you will have to fill it using rags, sand or any other material. If you like to use heavier and firmer bag, then use sand otherwise it is not advised. The recommended weight of a heavy bag is usually half the weight of a person using it.

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