How to Pick the Right Women’s Boxing Gloves
How to Pick the Right Women’s Boxing Gloves?
August 11, 2016
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August 18, 2016



When you are in the fight business like mixed martial arts, you are not too worried about injuries but the worst thing for an MMA fighter if he gets injured is that he’ll have to stay away from the sport for a lengthy period, which feels even more terrible. So to protect yourself you need to use right type of MMA gloves for training and fights.

Training gloves are usually bigger, weighs more than the fight gloves and offer much more padding so you don’t harm your sparring partner by accident. However, sometimes they can weigh about the same as competition gloves because of the type of material used in the making.

Unless there is no grappling work involved and you are only concerned with kicks and punches, it is better to buy heavier gloves (16-18 ounce) that has more padding. Quite often in training, temperatures boil and people start throwing punches and kicks aggressively, which may cause some unrepairable damage. So to avoid this, safer option is to use heavily padded training gloves.

However, if grappling and striking is both on the menu, then 8 ounce glove is what you need as an amateur fighter to protect from much damage.

Another interesting point to note here is that when you are using these type of gloves with inner gloves/hand wraps on, you tend to hit reasonably harder. Hand wraps literally turn your hands into clubs and while you are striking you won’t feel a thing. That is why during MMA or UFC competitions, things can really get ugly at times as fighters are covered in blood after a single strike.


Whether you are buying MMA training gloves or fight gloves for beginners, consider few tips. Make sure the size is accurate and the gloves are snugly fit, the padding is of the highest quality, compare different brands and prices, and finally the material used in the making. Leather MMA gloves tend to last much longer.

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