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You Tube Mobile App Will be Your New Social Platform


It’s been years since YouTube has launched on windows by three former founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005. After With 10 years of extensive and remarkable usage progress line. YouTube next CEO launched mobile app in 2015, for addicted community. YouTube Company has now decided to socialize YouTube on Mobile App through messaging feature. It sound fantastic. Isn’t it.

Mobile app will have a messaging feature, allows users to sharing any sort of video, while recipients will have access to respond back to sender, he can respond either by sharing a video or use chat feature. I must say, it’s a smart move from YouTube. In order to engage people more on YouTube, so they can spend more time on YouTube mobile app, it seems wonderful development.

Why Massaging Feature

You may be thinking, “What does YouTube want with a messaging feature, and who will even use it?” That surely a good question.

Company thinks it can socialize its platform by merging App with feature through which user chats with friends, rather not only share share videos. This automatically enhance traffic. (Amazon is gunning for YouTube, too, and yesterday launched a competing upload service called Amazon Video Direct.) YouTube wants internet users to think of its app as a destination they can spend time in, and not just a place they pop in and out of with a link when they’re looking for something specific.



You Tube mobile Demographic Usage

Messaging on YouTube mobile app is what we didn’t heard in several years, however YouTube has done it again. But this doesn’t mean they are experiencing decline usage, in fact according to company, the ratio of YouTube Mobile usage is imminently uprising about 40 minute a session average sees rate. While age factor specified as between 18 to 49. Tremendous progress it is.

Company has given no words on when it going to update on Play store. However it will going to happen soon.

Stay alive with us, we will update upcoming app in town.

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