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May 26, 2016
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Selfie-Lovers Tends to Overestimate Their Beauty



An Extensive Research held in Canada, which was led by a Researcher from university of Toronto. Study was conducted on 198 college students from whom there were 100 regular selfie takers.

All participants were asked to take a selfie using a smartphone camera and also had a picture taken by another person.

They then had to rate each photo on the basis of how attractive and likable they thought their friends would think they were in the picture if it were uploaded to social media.

The pictures were also rated by 178 members of the public, who determined how attractive, likable and self-loving they thought the people in the photos were likely to be. Researchers found that both the regular selfie-takers and the non-selfie-takers thought they would be seen as more attractive and more likeable in their photos than they were actually seen by the independent raters.

They also found that the selfie-takers overestimated themselves much more, and inclined to think they looked better in the selfies than in the photos taken by other people.

“Selfie-takers generally over-perceived the positive characteristics provided by their selfies,” researchers said.

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