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Opera Will Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life


While Opera is not very popular Browser among internet users. nothing was stand a chance since Google’s chrome came out, due to speed and compatibility. However, Opera really don’t want to fall behind, in such conditions, they took an initiative of introducing integration features which apparently helpful in power saving.

Company owners claiming that by using Opera users will get a whopping 50% increase in Battery, ultimately battery life extended. Which certainly is enormous privilege. Meanwhile it depends on your hardware too, optimized and power saving hardware will get quick response from Opera feature. While you’re definitely require to use opera for several hours in order to begin recharging.

How It Works

Before it started recharging, it first need to activate from browser Menu, in case you forget to activate it and your laptops battery is at 20%, Opera will notify you imminent recharging or power saving required. Opera power saving feature work by utilizing few actions against your hardware.

  • It Reduces background activity, in tabs
  • CPU core at Park that are not using
  • Disable unused plugins



“In our tests, designed to reflect the way people use browsers in real life, the latest Opera developer version was able to run 50% longer than other browsers like Google Chrome on a laptop running Windows 10 64-bit,” said Opera




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