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May 20, 2016
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FUUAST Innovatia ’16 Competition


The Glimpse of competition was seen in Pakistan before. There are people who have devoted their time in improving and facilitating best possible opportunities for students. With advancement of 2016, many things has change. However a Group of students who has devoted their time and money on providing fellow students with top tier event. A group S.I.E.F working as an organization, who has been engaged from years. They launched a 3-days event called INNOVATIA ‘16 for FUUAST students. It was a 3-Day Competition, which will ends today. Competition is dedicated for FUUAST student in ISLAMABAD, however outsider are also participating in the event. Huge Sum of rewards has been dedicated to the winners of this competition.


About S.I.E.F

S.I.E.F basically stands is Society of innovative and electronics FUUAST. Aiming to provide students a platform where they can learn about new developments in science and technology. Not only this but also to show their talent in our events to general public and towards the whole community.
Moreover we provide students a chance to shape their ideas into reality thus improving their skills and helping the society in general with their achievement gives you the chance to explore your talent by organizing various competitions. SIEF will guide you in your technical field and groom your technical engineering.




Innovatia ’16 Competition

Well, talking about competitions and contest, SIEF and innovatia collaboratively organizing contest every year. However, we asked them to provide us with the detailed list of contest which we got here. Actually it is ranging every category, from Writing Skill to Gaming competition which means they are facilitating students in all Areas. As like previous competitions this contest is also held in FUUAST Building,. Students are quite excited and optimistic towards Innovatia ’16.

With launching of INNOVATIA ’16, DRIMTA Team talked with a dedicated member of Innovatia during event campaign

He said,

“It’s been a great honor for being a member and working for INNOVATIA and SIEF. Students need such kind of innovative activities which our Company is dedicated to deliver at our best”


About Past Event Held by SIEF in FUUAST

The history of INNOVATIA and SIEF group seems pretty much impressive. As they are only Company who has been working for FUUAST from several years now. Competitions were usually held in FUUAST Islamabad building, where facilities are mostly available. Talk about Technology, There were E-Gaming Sessions in competition. Where several students were being participated in INNOVATIA ’15 event.


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