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Facebook, Messenger and Instagram new Apps for windows 10


Facebook and messenger, has gain exceptional popularity since it released. People used these applications for communication, whether it is for personal or business, it’s always been sentimental platforms. With the induction of windows 10, there was lack of dedicated messenger windows app. However Facebook officials has now inducted dedicated app of Facebook, messenger and Instagram for windows 10.


Facebook for Windows 10

Since windows 10 is most beautiful and fully compatible windows platform, Facebook decided to launch windows app. They have built Facebook app which let users to have faster and easier access. Now with windows 10 app you can easily pin the FB tile on Task bar and remain update with latest news Feed.  You will stay up-to-date with latest news through desktop notifications. It’s now become much more convenient to share photos from file explorer.

This Window 10 app now featuring compact and feasible for sharing latest news feed. In addition, Facebook also added stickers, on right side app includes birthday and event reminders.


Responsive Chat – Facebook Messenger

Widely used conversation channel “Messenger” has now also been upgraded to windows 10 app. There isn’t a whopping change, but features and usability especially on windows 10 is different experience for users. A desktop notification, which stays you up-to-date on every latest conversation feed. Features includes stickers, GIF and group messaging is remain all along with app.


Talk on Visuals – Instagram

Experience will not be completed if Instagram remain untouched. A whole new messenger platform which let you share and views photos, along with Instagram direct, explore and video. They have now upgraded Instagram app for windows 10 mobile, alos includes live Tile. Though it doesn’t includes any brand new feature. Just a dedicated app for windows mobile platform.

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