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Eating This Food Will Increase the Risk of High Blood Pressure


Experiment: Eating boiled, mashed or baked potatoes increases risk of high blood pressure among men and women, a study Revealed.

A US researcher done an in depth study on potatoes impact on men and women among US citizen. It was a survey taken from 187,000 US citizens from 20 years. After survey result was compiled which suggests that women who eat potatoes may have slightly higher risk of suffering blood pressure than men.

According to Researcher, it’s a high starch content that lift potatoes and transform them into sugar while in the body. End result would be a high rise is blood pressure. Ultimately it then cause blood sugar problem for people.

In the experiment, they have found results applying on both men and women. Either Genes who ate potatoes mashed or boiled has an increasing risk of blood pressure with noticeable rate of 11 percent. This scenario is compared with those who ate potatoes once a month and found contrary result.

While in detailed result, they found that people who ate Chips four or more time a week had a 17 percent higher risk of high blood pressure. Contrary to this, replacing serve from potatoes to non-starchy vegetables led to drop risk of high blood pressure a 7 percent.

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