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DOOM: 6 Amazing Multiplayer Modes For You

Following the Doom 2016 Campaign launched. Players will also have a prevalent Multiplayer setup in game. It has featured 6 different and supreme Multiplayer modes in which players will dominate by using exceptional powers and unique objectives.


Soul Harvest

Start with Soul harvest, A kill and collect game mode, in which Player will tires to kill his enemy so in giveaway killer will have a soul to collect, just like Call of Duty Multiplayer mode “Kill confirmed”.  Here two contrary scenarios to which players needs to deal. One collect soul of killed enemies while clan members also grab own mate’s soul to reduce the chances of enemy to gain bonuses.

The most powerful Feature in Soul harvest is when first killed player will drop a soul, which player after collecting becomes the most powerful and deadliest demon among all. In addition, his power will have no limits.


Freeze Tag

In the Freeze Tag game mode, instead of dying, players are frozen in place and can only be defrost  by allies standing nearby. Frozen players will slide around the map if shot at, so allies can knock them into a hazard to shatter them and cause a respawn, or enemies can knock them away from players trying to thaw them out. The objective of Freeze Tag is to completely freeze the opposing team.


Domination includes up to three static capture points that are spread out across a map. Players spawn on different sides of the map, and can control the capture points by clearing out any enemies and standing within the designated zone. Points are earned based on how long you control a capture point.

Team DeathMatch

One of the two purest takes on classic modes in DOOM multiplayer, Team Death match pits two teams against each other in a straight-up kill-fest.

Clan Arena

Clan Arena is a game of elimination: the last team standing wins. All pick-ups are removed from the map, and players won’t be able to restore their health or armor. Once you’re dead, you’re dead – no respawning


King of the Hill gets even crazier in Warpath, where a single capture point moves around the map along a set (and clearly marked) pathway. And if that’s not enough, a demon rune marches along in lockstep – but on the opposite side of the path.

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