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“Boxing Gear for all your boxing needs”

On the outset boxing looks like a fairly simple sport but there’s more to it then what meets the eye. Boxing is considered as one of the most physically challenging sport which requires a high level of technique and mental strength to go with it.

So in order to execute such a complex sport, you need the kind of boxing equipment and gear to help you train and fight in and around the ring. It is not necessary to purchase everything, the best way to go about is to join a gym and consult your trainer for the best advice.

Here is a list of equipment that can help you make a solid start:

Boxing Gloves

There are two main types of Boxing Gloves that you should get in order to begin your boxing journey.

  • Light weighted training gloves that weigh 10 oz. or less. This pair will help you train with the speed bag and the heavy bag. They’re cushioned with lesser layers of padding which make them susceptible to injuries, so use them only when you’re working with the bags and not when you’re sparring or fighting in the ring.
  • Sparring Boxing Gloves that weigh from 12 to 16 oz. Their extra padding cushions the impact of the punches and protects your hands from any potential injuries. You will need these gloves when you spar or box with a partner.

Note: Always use Hand Wraps before putting on your gloves for extra protection of your fingers and wrists.

Heavy Bags:

These punching bags help you create the perfect simulation to enhance your punching technique. Get a heavier bag to start with so that it doesn’t start swinging every time you land a punch. Listen to the sound of your punches while working with the heavy bags as it helps you differentiate between the good and bad punches.

Also, work on your breathing technique while you work with the bag and try to use your whole body to land punches instead of just the arms and shoulders.

Speed Bags:

Speed Bag is the best equipment to boost a boxers punching technique in terms of accuracy and agility. With the speed bag you can learn how to land punches at different angles and punish your opponent when the opportunity presents itself.

Protective Equipment:

Getting all kinds of protective equipment is a must before you’re anywhere near a ring. Take a look at this brief list to get a better idea:

  • Head Gear is a necessity for all fighters in training and those involved in any amateur fights. It protects them from the non-stop impacts to the head and any possible internal damages.
  • Mouth Guards protect fighters from any possible broken teeth or mouth lacerations. Get the right size that fit perfectly with your jaw and gums.
  • Groin Guards help prevent injuries to the groin area and mid-section of a fighter’s body.

Boxing Ring

A Boxing Ring is usually 16 and 24 feet to a side with a possible 2 feet outside the rope area. With all your training outside the ring, eventually you will realize that it’s time to step up to the real thing. Best way to go about is to try the ring at your gym with your trainer. Spar endlessly and know the ring in a way that you could move around it even if you’re blindfolded.


Once you’re comfortable using this list of equipment in your training sessions, only then you will be ready to step in that ring for a proper fight. It’s not as difficult as it may seem in the beginning but if you follow a proper training routine religiously then it won’t be long before the giant inside of you awakens.

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