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Australian Tennis Player on a Racket Stunt at Match point

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We have seen funny stunts in past, from Tennis players. But the way tennis teenager player adopted was seems extensively, hilarious, although fans on Twitter doesn’t really liked it.

Tuesday, In a Madrid Open match where Australian tennis player “Bernard Tomic”, while defending match point,  holds racket in a wrong way –trying to hit with handle, just to impress audience and shows some funny tactics. Although he is 22 in world tennis but the way he showed his losing preference, it is appalling for crowd. Especially tennis fans on twitter, showed distracted comments over Australian player behavior.

It was happened when he was about to reverse back opponent’s serve who were up by 40-0 in a close 5-4 set leading position. While he hold racket in a reverse direction, he unable to touch back the serve due to narrowed surface area. It was actually ridiculously small area to hit a ball, he was trying to shot through rocket handle. Already seems impossible to do.

People over twitter, doesn’t seems very amazed, infact they are upset yet accusing him on having lack of sportsmenship especially in game like Tennis.

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