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May 23, 2016
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6 Most Delicious breakfast in Pakistan

There is absolutely no doubt that every Pakistani’s first love is food. Whether it’s the signature halwa puree, the piping hot parathas and spicy or a crisp cup of chai, we love to start our day with a cheesy, fattening breakfast.

Here, we look at 6 mouthwatering pictures that will make you want a desi breakfast right now.



Breakfast Hot cups of tea being prepared for an early morning breakfast


Breakfast Waking up to the news, fresh parathas and hot tea


Breakfast A delicious breakfast of traditional Halwa Puree


Breakfast Layered parathay (flatbread) with cholay (chickpea curry) makes for the perfect Sunday breakfast


Breakfast A traditional breakfast of paratha, yellow lentils and tea


Breakfast Fresh purees, halwa and chick peas make for a traditional Pakistani breakfast


Breakfast No Sunday is ever complete without Halwa Puri and Nehari

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