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10 Things you Can Understand about CAT’s Behavior

Cats are mysterious creatures, affectionate one minute, irritated the next. The ability to read your feline’s body language will help you better understand his seemingly random behavior.

cat 1

Bite Her Nails

Well, nails biting is one of a common habits in Cats. However there are multiple reasons why your kitty bit her nails while relaxing. One of a reason is that she desperately want to trim his nail. Or May be biting her nail is hers bad habit that she can’t left it out. Literally its one habit that she can’t break it

cat 10

Eye of Tiger

You have experience yourself when you’re playing with the cat and she makes sudden spring or jump at you. It is called ‘Eye of Tiger’ it’s her playing tactics or when she is readying to attack on prey. Actually Cats like to examine victim’s position so to making sure she will catch it. Its kind of habit that you really doesn’t need to stop her or break, because you really can’t as it is natural instinct lying in her.

cat 9

Random Sprint

Sometimes while playing, Cats makes quick move which are appalling. I am sure your cat make that too. However there is nothing to fear about, it is just her playing Features. Mostly Cats are fluent in running fast and covers many miles, although if you have a Cat and you didn’t make her practice of running hard then there needs to do so, because if she didn’t before it would impact on her growth or she will hesitate to run with full energy in future.


cat 2

Rubbing Against You

Well, your cat definitely rubbed with furniture. No? Its obvious habit in Cats to rubbing against soft things in the room. Mostly she get to furniture more attractive. But why she really Rub against you? A sole reason that she really likes you and she wanted to leave her scent with you. She know you’re her loving human and that you have pet her, that she wants to live with you and your house.

cat 3


Is your Cat Angry? Then definitely yes, she will hiss at you or anyone else. It’s one of here born traits that she would hiss when she gets afraid of anything. Like if she seen something strange in the house like real turtle or something else which she thinks that could hurt him she first make hiss and then ran away. Don’t panic its just for little time, after she touch or use to of the situation she will get relax and no hissing anymore.

cat 7

Sniffing your Face

When Cat loves you and she will definitely would like to sniff on you. Its natural habit which she demonstrate when she thinks you’re her caretakers and you will never left her alone. Sometime when you take her near to you she first sniff on you then she sat aside. She definitely loves you more than anyone else.

cat 4

Ears Pointed

Cats are usually gets alert faster than human beings. How, they have ears and with strength more than others. She quietly observe her surroundings and she points her ears to the direction of noise. She would take action as she ran away from noisy area to far other place, it her point of action which he think a possible resolve.

cat 5

Louder Meow

I Need Food to eat and right now. Well definitely its every being would like to do. You cannot live without food and so the Cats. it is just that we speak words and explain, while Cats will make a longer Meow so her owners will understand her concern. Longer meow is her deep explanation that she really need something to eat please Serve me.

cat 8

Laying on your Things

Books, newspapers or computer keyboards — you name it and your cat has probably laid on it while you’re using it. Not only does kitty want to be near you, as he knows that you will give him the loving attention that he desires, he also likes to feel secure. When you’re doing something that makes you relax, being near you will make him relax as well. Plus, just maybe, you’ll remember his smell and want to be near him again.

cat 6

Sleeping on your Chest

There is no scientific reasoning behind your kitty loving a good chest cuddle, but there is a good guess. Your cat loves to feel your warmth and heartbeat. He likes being close to you, and feels secure knowing that when he’s on top of you, you aren’t going anywhere without him knowing.

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