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April 13, 2016
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April 14, 2016

Widespread Sexual Harassment Remains serious issue in INDIA


Despite of new laws, improved legistation, INDIA  still have large number of women, been sexually harassed, even on public places. The growing number of cases, turning out to be a serious issue for country like INDIA. A  Study was initiated after an incident immerse when a girl raped and died later on by severe injuries.

Recently, Nalla MSU professor of Criminal Justice and a native of India, in collaboration with co-investigator Manish Madan, formed a survey, featuring history of sexual harassment, public  transport, spaces and police effectiveness. The survey was taken from 1400 men and women.

According to the Research published paper,

About 40% of women are those who actually harassed in public places in INDIA in past several years , while 58% illustrating harassment once in a life.

On survey, respondents were asked to measure the intensity of sexual harassment, in which both personalities harsh against SH, while men are less serious suggesting the differences in perception between men and women.

One of the reason describe in the survey was lack of justice in the society. Secondly, our police is too lazy to resolve cases, which leads to an increase  in sexual harassment ratio.

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