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Uber Drivers Earning huge in Pakistan



Uber cab service is undoubtedly popular, impressive and most advance cab service available in the world. With last month’s induction to Pakistan, it has been escalated quickly in terms of earnings. It is only a month now, and Uber’s demand gone high. However, company cabs are less in number, but those which are in operation drawing some handsome proportion of return. To be more specific, Drivers are earning 100,000 monthly average income.

The figures were came out last week. According to source, In this very short period, Uber’s drivers are somehow able to expand their earning from 4 figures to 6 figures.

Uber Spokesperson says, Even there is a driver who successfully maxed out our income charts by making around Rs. 130,000 in only 30 days, which is very impressive though.

Keep in mind, Uber is operating only in Lahore, in addition, they don’t have cabs high in numbers. But Uber drivers yield some outstanding earnings on part of their maximum effort. Lahore people are now merely preferring Uber cab over other services, which leads to inclined request queue. Henceforth, Driver’s earning triple to expectation. However, in future Uber will increase number of cabs which then automatically decreases monthly average earnings.

Uber have an edge over its competitors, such as Careem, Ataxi in Pakistan. While Uber offering some huge earning oppurtinity to its workers. In contrast, Careem paying 18K to captains, and Ataxi shelling out 13K to drivers, which seems pretty low in comparison.


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